Small dogs that Don't Shed - Halloween Costumes

Small dogs that don't shed ... these little guys are great! Houdini Clarke loves to dress up for the photo ops and has decided to ask his friends to choose his Halloween costume this year. Of course, he has several options to choose from and over the next couple of weeks will be modeling all his latest gear.

In addition, he would love to include all of his friends pictures also. So tell your Mom and Dad to dress you up in your best dog Halloween costume and take a picture. Houdini will post all of them. You don't even have to be a small dog ... all dogs are welcome!

The "Hoots" is rather partial to his latest sombrero. It gives him that Latin flare and he is looking forward to the next cinco de mayo party where he can show it off ... OLE`

Houdini Clarke posing in his Viking headgear. He likes this look and he feels quite manly while prancing around the house in it.

This next look, Houdini feels, perhaps will give the girls the wrong idea ... he isn't really into the lady bug look, but you must admit he still is kinda cute!

Now, the bumble bee could go either way, but it seems that when he wears it he has this urge to piddle on all the flowers ... lol!

OK, please post your comments and send us your photos and let's make this a terrific contest ... prizes to be announced later.

Small dogs that don't shed ROCK ... but all the other "dogs" are pretty cool, too!

Now Houdini advises if your really want to compete with him, you simply MUST have a terrific costume. He has found the place to shop for all of your costume needs ... even if you are human ... LOL! Ya gotta check it out!


Gaye said...

Oh your dog looks ADORABLE!!! Was looking for cute dog halloween pics, yours are great. Thanks for sharing!

Gaye said...

Your dog pictures are adorable, thanks for sharing!