Small Dogs - Houdini Clarke Celebrates Birthday

Houdini Clarke, Maltese Dog and definitely a member of the small dogs that don't shed, will be celebrating his 7th birthday tomorrow. Yes, I know, he still looks just like a pup, but he has been around the block a few times ... pun intended!

He picked us out when he was only 10 weeks old and has finally, after all of these years, pretty much got us trained to keep him a lifestyle that most people would envy!

Houdini spends most of his time doing doggie stuff when he is not running for Prez. Yes, he did run for the White House in 2008 and for now, he is keeping up with his memoirs and perhaps 2012 ....

Prince Houdini of Capri has traveled quite a bit and knows the international scene pretty well. The "Hoots" has gone to Europe 10 times, traveled by plane (both private and commercial), train, boat, bicycle, golf cart and automobile.

The little guy met with the mayor of Guanaja while visiting Honduras (see photo op) and has been sung to in the Austrian Alps by famous singer "Anton of Tirol" ....

He has been deep sea fishing in the Bahamas and splashed in the crystal blue waters of the Florida Keys. There is not much that Houdini Clarke has missed out on, as it should be.

So all friends of Houdini Clarke are invited for special "kibble and bits" !
No presents please, just a pee-mail or comment will do!

Happy Birthday Houdini!


Phil said...

Phil said...
Wahooo for Houdini, Happy Birthday... love your blog... My name is Gia and Im a 4lber from New York, and i don't shed either!!!!! I read that you travel a lot and so do i.. My mom and dad are planning to marry in Bahamas nxt year and were wondering if it was complicated to bring you when you went???? Please let us know, cause I refuse and so does she to even ponder the thought of leaving me behind.... never!!!!! Thanks pup, i hope to hear from you soon

Denise Clarke said...

Hi Gia,

It is simple with a little bit of planning to visit the Bahamas. Tell Phil and your Mom to visit my Mom's other web pages and she will give you the whole "scoop"!:

Best of luck!